Osmo One Coat Only HS Plus - 2.5 ltr tin (Choose Colour)

Osmo One Coat Only HS Plus - 2.5 ltr tin (Choose Colour)


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Osmo One Coat Only HS
is a semi-transparent, satin-matt exterior and interior wood finish
with a minimum solvent content. It is bringing out the wood grain and texture.
Osmo One Coat Only HS
is natural oil based and micro-porous. It does not crack, peel, flake
or blister. Therefore, it is easy to renovate (simply over coat). Osmo One Coat Only HS Plus is
durable and weather and UV – resistant. It is water-repellent and moisture regulating, preventing
the wood from swelling.
The water-free Osmo One Coat Only HS Plus with minimum solvent content has a uniquely high
solid content, which accounts for its large coverage. Even for exterior surfaces only one coat is
required whereas with conventional stains 2-3 coats are normally necessary.
Osmo One Coat Only HS
can be used without overlapping and does not dry while using. Due
to the durability, high coverage, easy maintenance and the one-coat-system it is not only a very
beautiful finish but also saving material, time and labour costs let alone the ecological aspects of
the product.
Product based on natural oils
Osmo One Coat Only HS Plus is based on natural vegetable oils. Natural oils penetrate deeply
into the wood, keeping it elastic and healthy, and preventing it from getting dry and brittle.
Shrinking and swelling are reduced. The wood is allowed to breathe. Moisture can evaporate.
Health and environment
Osmo One Coat Only HS
does not contain biocides or preservatives. It is safe for man, animal
and plant when dry and complies with German DIN 53 160 (fast to perspiration and saliva) and
EURO Norm EN 71.3 (suitable for children’s toys).
The principle of Osmo to manufacture and supply only products which are safe and
environmentally friendly during production as well as for application resulted in the successful
certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 (quality management) and DIN EN ISO 14001
(environmental management) by the TÜV (Technical Control Board Rhineland).
All exterior woodwork which is expected to keep its natural appearance, such as horizontal and
vertical sidings, windows, claddings, clapboards (shutters), carports, fences, pergolas, exterior
plywood, shingles, beehives, dovecotes, summerhouses, green-houses, flower boxes etc.
Also for interior wooden ceilings and panelling (Trial application recommended).
Excellent to renew old micro-porous stains.
Colour Range
Osmo One Coat Only HS
can be obtained in 12 natural wood shades and 4 special shades.
Choose colour required from menu.

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