Treatex -Spray on Floor Care Cleaner - 1 litre bottle -1150e

Treatex -Spray on Floor Care Cleaner - 1 litre bottle -1150e


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Treatex® Spray on Floor Care 1 Litre bottle 1150e

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Oil is very important to keep your floor clean - the result of people walking on a dirty and dusty floor is no different to a high-powered sander at work! Use a soft Hoover or brush as and when required to keep your floor free from abrasive particles. A good doormat will help. To protect your floor we recommend all furniture be fitted with felt pads.

When the floor gets dirty wash using Treatex® Floor Care, which contains vegetable oils and carnauba wax. Other brands of cleaning products may contain detergents that can damage the surface. Treatex® Floor Care is designed to help maintain floors finished with Treatex® Hardwax Oil Traditional without turning the floor slippery. Treatex Floor Care can be applied using a mop or slow buffing machine with a white pad.

For areas of high wear the floor can be renovated using Treatex® Wax Polish, which is a diluted version of Treatex® Hardwax Oil Traditional. Clean the floor thoroughly using Treatex® Refreshment Cleaner and leave to dry for approximately 3 hours. Once dry, apply Treatex® Wax Polish to a small area at a time, either by wiping on a thin coat using a lint free cloth - taking care not to leave cloth marks, or by buffing using a white pad under a slow machine ensuring the surface is buffed until there are no swirl marks. Allow to dry for three to four hours.

Traetex® Floor Care and Treatex® Wax polish are both included in our cleaning and maintenance kits. Treatex® Refreshment Cleaner is also seperately available. Treatex® Refreshment Cleaner is a stronger more aggressive version of Treatex® Floor Care.

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