Creative Wood Floors
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About Us

Creative Wood Floors is one of famous names in the flooring service provider sector. We have been in business for more than a decade, and we have managed to gain the trust of many people throughout the years.

Hardword Floor

Hardwood Floor is one of the most preferred wooden flooring methods. We will be able to provide you with great services with the best quality wood.

Eco Friendly Floor

It is high time that you go green and opt for Eco-friendly flooring.

Alternative Floor

We provide alternative flooring services according to the requirements of the clients.

Carpet Floor

The carpets floors add a bit of elegance and make the space look more appealing.

Maple Floor

Bamboo Floor

Oak Wood Floor

Largest Collection Of Reclaimed Wood


Durable Wood Floor


Solid Wood Floor

Concrete Slab

Vinyl Foor


From Our Clients

They are very professional and dedicated. Their work is very clean and makes it a point to deliver what they promised.

– Donna S. Hogan

Flooring Service

We provide the best flooring service with experienced and dedicate workers.

Floor Installations

We can get your floors installed within no time without any flaws.

Our Quality

We make it a point to use the best quality materials and as well provide best quality.

Our Blog

  • Tips To Help You Decide on the Right Flooring for Your Home

    If you are looking for new flooring, you’ve got plenty of options. Your choice depends a lot on your preference. Maybe you like your floors to have the natural look of wood, or maybe you are on a budget and want to go for inexpensive......

  • How To Select The Right Carpet

    With regard to many of us, we most likely never felt a really good carpet on our feet. You will see that many carpets come in various patterns, styles and colors. However, you will find varying levels of quality as well. If you plan your......

  • Five Home Improvements Ideas

    1. Begin with your Door - 

    Think about acquiring another front entryway with a distinctive shading and contemporary fittings or locks. Then again, a sturdy entryway in excellent condition needs little DIY fixes like another paint shading or changing out another handle or handle. For an additionally welcoming look, spruce up the patio with pruned plants, an appreciated tangle, snappy new house numbers, and outdoor lighting to feature the magnificence of your walkway.

    1. Light up with Lighting - 

    To make a more bright and more joyful space, dump your old lighting installations for new, present daylights and vitality productive globules. A crisp light apparatus over your feasting table is a surefire approach to light up eating times. As a precautionary wellbeing measure, divert off the power from the breaker box before associating any electrical wires. Refresh your current apparatuses to coordinate your stylistic theme. You can shower paint your old crystal fixture or the sharp edges of a roof fan to inhale new life to them. To accomplish the vibe of an originator home, you can introduce a dimmer change or line to add more complement and flexibility to your rooms without purchasing all the more lights. You can utilize brilliant globules or glaring light with dimmable knobs. By altering the slide switch, you can get the ideal warm surrounding lighting you need without fail.

    1. Power up the Paint - 

    Regardless of how little space is, the point at which you center your home improvement designs around the dividers, you can make a deception of a more extensive and greater room. No room is old nor dull when you pick a paint shading that includes a burst of splendid profundity to it. On the off chance that you select to go for a striking tint, use it to paint only one divider in a room. Besides the way that it's less expensive, it's likewise a convenient solution contrasted with painting the whole room. If you go for an artificial completion or an embellishing backdrop, a little room is a decent spot to explore different avenues regarding fun examples and plans. Self-cement backdrops work like a simple-to-apply sticker, where you can strip the paper off its back and stick straightforwardly to the divider.

    1. Create an impression with the Flooring - 

    Those hardwood floors covered up far from anyone's regular field of vision are only excellence hidden in a dull cavern. Give them a chance to sparkle to draw out their regular intrigue. Then, hardwood floors that are not in excellent condition require resurfacing. If you have the cash, it won't damage to contribute to great sanding or restoring. For more eco-accommodating and reasonable alternatives, pick bamboo or stopper. In any case, in case you're on a tight spending plan, you can without much of a stretch refresh the floor space utilizing the ever-trustworthy home makeover accomplice – paint. On the off chance that it's time that is shielding you from upgrading your ground surface, begin with a simple, quick fix that is additionally embellishing, similar to sheet vinyl or vinyl tiles. These will likewise improve your space turn and can hold upward to substantial use.


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